My baby doesn't like being in the stroller for too long, how will I get a good workout?

Babies are Stroller Strides' first priority, so don't worry if yours is fussy! Our classes are designed to keep the kids moving. We engage the kids by incorporating songs into our exercise moves and sometimes use props to keep them entertained. Moms of infants might consider using a baby carrier - we can modify exercise so that they are baby-wearing friendly. With that said, if you need to change, nurse or console your little one then go right ahead! Kids will have good and bad days - some days your baby will nap the entire class and you'll get a great workout and other days your baby might need a little more attention and we can increase the intensity to make up for any missed time. Either way, you are setting a great example for your kids and, before you know it, they will be looking forward to class as much as you are!

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